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Over 85 years behind the wheel getting you where you need to go

Clarence Henry Freeman

1925 - Started work for Old Colonial Motor Coach Lines, the predecessor to the now famous Greyhound Lines, as a driver in Northern New York. Began driving the Watertown - Utica route and in his last few years of employment with Colonial, he drove between Watertown & Plattsburgh.
1935 - Began operating the Dexter - Sackets Harbor routes under a lease arrangement with Greyhound Lines. This became the initial independent conception of Freeman Bus Lines.
1939 - Granted the Dexter - Sackets Harbor franchise by the public service commission.
1940 - Purchased the Brownville-Glen Park Lines from the Gordon estate.
1952 - Purchased the Watertown City Bus Lines from Pritchard Bus Corporation. This marked the Beginning of in-city transit service for the company.
1952 - Incorporated - Freeman Bus Company became Freeman Bus Corporation.
1953 - Bus garage on Haley St. destroyed by fire.
1954 - Purchased Fitzgerald Brothers Bus Lines, Inc. Gained control of the Watertown-Camp Drum-Carthage Franchise.
1959 - Clarence Henry Freeman dies at 53

Robert C. Freeman Sr.

1959 - Inherited presidency of corporation.
1964 - Purchased operating equipment from the estate of Frank Williams, Black River. Operating rights awarded on a lease basis to continue providing student transportation for the Watertown City School District. This marks the first time Freeman Bus Corporation handled student transportation with school buses.
1967 - Discontinued public transit service in Watertown, Brownville, Dexter, and Sackets Harbor due to decreased ridership and persistent financial losses. Signed the first five year contract with the Watertown City School District.
1972 - Construction of Marble St. Garage facility completed.
1985 - Marble St. garage location expanded and office building added. Began providing Luxury Motorcoach Tour Services.
1992 - Robert Clarence Freeman Sr. dies at 66.

Robert C. Freeman Jr.

1992 - Began developing individual contract agreements with the Indian River Central School District.
2002 - Robert C. Freeman Jr. dies at age 54.

Robert C. Freeman III

1992 - Promoted to Vice President.
2002 - Inherited presidency of the Corporation. Awarded contracts with Community Action Planning Council, Lewis County Public Health, and Indian River School District.
2003 - Created luxury vehicle division in honor of Clarence Henry Freeman.

Leif E. Petterson

2019 - Purchased Clarence Henry Coach and Freeman Bus Corporation from Robert C. Freeman III

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